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4-6 yr olds 10:00 or 10:45 Technique Class
Tuesday/ Thursday 
Pre Ballet Class 12:30- 1:00 3/5 yr olds
Ballet 1 & Jazz Technique -2:15-1:45
Ballet 2 & Jazz Technique- 10:00-11:45
Ballet 3 & Jazz Technique-10:00-12:15
Ballet 4 & Jazz Technique- 11:45-2:15


Classes We Offer

Mommy & Me

Non-Comopetitive ages 2-3: Class focuses on introducing beginning ballet and expanding their knowledge of dance movement. Class sizes are small to build the student teacher relationship and confidence.

Pre Ballet, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Ballet 4

Non- Competitive ages 3 & up: Class focuses on introducing beginning ballet and expanding their knowledge of ballet terms and movement, creative movement, rhythm, coordination, class etiquette, and peer interaction. 

Dancers will be placed by ability .All dancers must come dressed in leo, pink tights, hair in a bun, and ballet shoes. 

Beginning/ Intermediate/ Advanced Jazz Technique

In all jazz classes we work on stylization, leaps, turns, proper technique, and improv. We customize our lesson plans to the dancers needs. 

Acro Flexibility

Class focusses on flexibility, balance, strength, , extensions, control of movement, and beginning tumbling such as backbends, cartwheels, hand stands, front walk overs, combinations. 


Classes learn to move to the rhythm of music by tapping to the beat of the music. They will learn proper steps and foot placements while having fun making sounds.


Hiphop and B-Boys ages 4 & Up: Class focuses on introducing and expanding knowledge of beginning break dancing moves, building strength and balance for stalls, and rhythm.  


Class focuses on beginning - advanced technique, center work, bar-work, and across the floors. 


Spot-On-Dance Studio, Roosevelt, Utah

(435) 823-3830

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